Quality of service
Quality of service
For the artists
For the artists
For the exhibitors
For the exhibitors
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Create your website
Fonctionnalités d'Artisteo
Fonctionnalités d'Artisteo
All the experience of Artisteo in the service of your communication
All the Artisteo team, compound of customer services, of the moderation service and quality, of Web engineers, responsibles referencing and marketing, has implemented any sound know how to make to create 1st social network of art.

The technologies used by Artisteo
  • Your photos in HD
    Each photo hosted on Artisteo is available in HD with zoom allowing visitors to view the detail.
  • Your YouTube and Dailymotion videos
    You can integrate your videos YouTube and Dailymotion on Artisteo and bind them to your artworks and to your exhibitions.
  • Your texts and photos copy protection
    To ensure the security of your information, Artisteo has implemented a protection preventing the copy of your photos and text.
  • Professional servers
    Artisteo is hosted on dedicated servers professional of high availability ensuring optimal navigation speed.
  • Saving of your information
    The sustainability of your information is guaranteed by daily backups automated by your data.

The work of the Artisteo team
  • Verification of information
    To ensure the quality of the information broadcasted on the Artisteo network, the moderators verify constantly all the information seized by the users.
  • Referencing of pages
    We try hard to reference in a constant way all your information on the main search engines (Google, yahoo, bing) to insure a visibility of your work on the Internet.
  • Quality of photos
    The photos which you deposit on Artisteo are manually improved and compressed automatically to increase their quality while accelerating the speed of display for the slowest connections.
  • Artisteo reports
    The Artisteo team is present and makes photos reports of the main shows of art so insuring the visibility of the brand.
The customer service
  • A robust experience to your service
    Hardly of its global vision of the art world, the Artisteo team will give you of invaluable advice whatever are your needs. The customer service is competent to answer all your questions concerning your internet communication and put online of your information.
  • An active help and precious advice
    The Artisteo team tries hard to draft some documentation in the form of pages of helps, FAQ and pages of advice.
  • Personalized advice
    On request, you can be advised for the choice of your photos, the drafting of your texts, the choice of your means of promotion...
  • Advisors available 7 days a week
    The customer service is at your service 7 days a week by email or by phone (for the subscribed members by phone appointment).
  • Your opinion counts
    We work ceaselessly to develop Artisteo so that it always corresponds better to your needs. Your opinion and your ideas are therefore systematically studied and taken into account.
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