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Quality of service
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For the artists
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For the exhibitors
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Create your website
Fonctionnalités d'Artisteo
Fonctionnalités d'Artisteo
Artisteo for art exhibitors (galleries, shows, associations...)
Artisteo was carefully studied to answer the requirements of the art exhibitors. It represents a real communications tool professional, easy to use. You will find below, the main assets and the services proposed by Artisteo to facilitate your communication.
Seizure easy and highlighted your information :
  • Your information gathered in your exhibitor page
    Your exhibitions, your artworks, your photos of varnishings, your additional albums in photos, videos and internet links (press, critics) are put in page of a way organized on your exhibitor page. This one is available for consultation international in multilanguages.
  • Your website of art exhibitor
    By using on the information of your Artisteo account, you can create automatically your exhibitor website of professional quality. To adapt the site to your image, you can personalize its menu as well as numerous properties of the design.
Vos informations diffusées sur le réseau de diffusion Artisteo consulté par une audience ciblée.
Artisteo maximizes the broadcasting of the links towards your exhibitor page by broadcasting your information on :
Creation of a professional email address in pseudonym@artisteo.com and solution of emailings :
  • Your email address dedicated to the art
    An email address to connotation artistic rather than an address in wanadoo, orange, free, gmail...
  • Your available for consultation emails in the same place
    Emails sent to this address as well as those sent on the network of Artisteo broadcasting are automatically organized according to your address book and are directly available for consultation on Artisteo.
  • Send your mailings in a professional way
    Sending of emails grouped up to 1000 emails spread over time to avoid implementing the spam.
Advanced management of your address book :
  • Follow-up to your emails
    The system of follow-up of email allows you to know when your contacts receive and read their emails.
  • Effective management of your address book
    The erroneous email addresses and the contacts which do not wish to follow any more your news are automatically removed from your list of contacts.
  • Statistics by contact
    The statistics allow you to avoid sending emails to contacts which do not read them and so to reduce the spam implementation of your e-mails to the persons who wish to follow your news.
Your artists cannot sell directly any more while you expose them :
  • The exposed artworks are available for consultation only on your exhibitor page
    The artworks which you expose cannot be any more consulted on the artist's page. These are available for consultation only since the page of your exhibition.
  • Block the possibility of contacting your exposed artists
    According to the contracts which bind you to your artists, you have the possibility of authorizing or of blocking the possibility to your artists to be directly contacted by the persons interested in the artworks that you expose.
  • Receive a copy of emails sent to your exposed artists
    When a person contacts the artist to obtain an information about a work of art which you expose, a copy of the email is sent to you.
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