Quality of service
Quality of service
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For the artists
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For the exhibitors
Create your website
Create your website
Fonctionnalités d'Artisteo
Fonctionnalités d'Artisteo
You already have a website?
Update your website easily with Artisteo :
Through to the solution of export of pages proposed by Artisteo, you no longer need of webmaster to update your current website.
Add an artwork or announce a new exhibition on Artisteo will update immediately the location corresponding on your website.

Use the Artisteo content to enrich your website :
  • Artist : Display all the information of your exhibitions within your own site.
    The information is seized and enriched by the exhibitors themselves ensuring you reliable information and always up-to-date.
    Example: if an exhibitor changes a date, adds the photos of the varnishing, an invitation card... the modifications will appear automatically on your site.
  • Exhibitor : display all the information of your artists and their artworks in your own site.
    The information is seized and maintained up to date by the artists themselves ensuring you reliable information always up-to-date.
    Example: if an artist changes the title, the description or the photo of one of his artworks, the modifications will appear automatically on your site.
How to do ?
  • Activate the export of pages on Artisteo,
  • Personalize your design so that the information supplied by Artisteo becomes integrated to your colors in your site,
  • Parametrize your pages on Artisteo by specifying the information to be broadcasted (list of artworks, exhibitions...),
  • Copy the source code provided by Artisteo on the pages of your Web site(manipulation to be done only once).
It is ended !
Your site is now dynamic and benefits from all the technological advances developed by Artisteo(summarized below).
You still have not a website?
Create easily your website of a professional quality thanks to Artisteo :
It became inescapable nowadays for every serious artist and exhibitor to possess a website which gathers its information and its news.
It is in this optics that Artisteo developed a simple and successful tool specialized in the website creation of art.
You can consult below all the services integrated into the solution of creation and accommodation of your website by Artisteo.
Creation of website :
  • Interface of simple and effective creation
    A help advises you in order to elaborate a site which advances your work and your last news.
  • Choice of design
    You can choose the design which corresponds to your image and even to define yours by modifying every property of display.
  • Choice of your website name
    You can choose and change the name of your Web site at any time. It can be monsite.artisteo.com or mysite .galerie-art.net
Update of the website :
  • Ease of update
    The modifications that you make on Artisteo are reported instantly on your website.
  • When you wish it
    Artisteo is accessible 24 hours a day, you can thus update your web site at any time of day or night.
Hosting of the website :
  • Fast navigation
    Your Website is hosted on professional dedicated servers for high availability.
  • Daily backups
    The sustainability of your information is guaranteed by daily backups.
Referencing of the web site on search engines :
  • Optimized site
    The website created by Artisteo is optimized at most for the referencing by search engines.
  • Advice of pro
    Artisteo delivers you all technical advice related to this important spot of referencing in your development.
Analysis of visits :
  • Who visits my site
    Members who visit your site are registered to provide you the list of people interested to your work.
  • Which page is visited
    A counter of visits is present on each page to help you to optimize your menu.
  • Advanced Statistics
    You can set up the tools of professional statistics of Google webmasters and Google analytics on your site and obtain advances information concerning your visitors (origins of the visitors, time spent on the site, reducing key words on your site...).
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