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Artist - Woman
Paris (Ile-de-France), France
House of artists B427608

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Presentation of Thérèse BICHON

Bichon Thérèse was born in 1961 in france. She grew up in the Marais Poitevin, in the middle of a large siblings and surrounded by vast natural spaces cultivated by man.

Wondering about the opportunities that society could offer to develop her love of creation, nature and human, she alternately or simultaneously turned to the world of work, studies and that of creation.

She has studied and put into practice: the history of art and archeology in 1980, the nursing home: 1982, 1986 carpentry, landscaping 1998, architecture 2007.

Approach and artistic expression

Since 2011, her practice of painting, drawing, digital art has become a regular activity.
Her artistic creations can offer various visions of being in the universe as a meeting between interiority and exteriority. She questions her feeling of time related and physical, her relationship to the world and to a natural as matter near or far and its strangeness.

Her approach is both anticipated and unintended. The composition of each painting, drawing or piece of work falls into place gradually, building on the momentum of meetings between field situations, gestures, colors, features, which forms emerge piecemeal or built. Her expression often finds its way between dream and poetry in back and forth travel between disenchantment and re-enchantment of the world.

Her supports and mediums are multiple and allow her to go at his own pace and fancy, to meet the art of painting, drawing, photography, collage, digital, constitution of objects, space planning, etc..


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