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Artist - Man - 55 years old
St germain les arpajon (Ile-de-France), France
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WILL Sab appears on the photo of the exhibition Grand marché d'art contemporain (Bastille)
The 11-04-2012
Will Sab
1 personne aime
Photo de l'exposition du 01-11-2012 au 05-11-2012
WILL Sab added an artwork.
The 10-30-2012
Part of my'infinity squared'series where it should be noted that the painting has no'right way up', despite what the title might suggest.
Part of my'Hair of the Dog'series, investigating developing compositions with very few colours and basic shapes to stimulate meaning.
Part of my'Hair of the Dog'series, playing with very few colours and forms to create meaning...
The 10-29-2012
Part of my'infinity squared'series, my paintings'with no beginning and no end...'. Price includes special frame necessary to display the picture and r...
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