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Artist - Femme
Marson (Champagne-Ardenne), France
Siret 45133025100011 - MDA S338766

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About the artists

Karly was born in 1965. She lives and works in Paris.
She has been experimenting with colours since 1997. Her colour expertise has completed in an approach in which she focuses on the salient nature of colours.

Anne V was born in 1970 and lives in Champagne.
She studied history and art history and after training in woodworking she specialized in the production of frames.
Karly and Anne V have been working together since 2011.

The Artists'Approach

We combine different materials (wood and fabric) and mediums to establish connections between physical memory and the artistic environment. Our works and presentations give priority to sensory experiences; we are able to move from lightness to torn humanity, from playing to violence. We dress wooden skeletons in fabrics to create a carnal envelope that evokes archetypal structures and promotes tactile experiences.

Our intuition always puts us on a path we then have to follow through, like an image, a colour, an idea... We often feel as if we know something without being able to prove or explain it logically. It's like an energy that pushes us into doing... From work to work, this inspiration discreetly reveals itself to us in different shapes and through different structures. It then disappears somewhere to remain hidden, to become neutral, and finally appears again, regenerated, to surprise us once more.

Translation by Lucie Lafaye


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