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Artist - Man - 69 years old
Le mesnil raoult (Basse-Normandie), France
Reg. number 51053114800011
Language : English - Spanish - Italian

His inspirations

Artistic family : new criticism figuration.

Salvador Dali, René Magritte, Joan Miro,
Carmélo Zagari, Man Ray, Jean loup
Sief, Némo, Bilal.

His evolution.

Diploma of State : plastic art Namur, Belgium.
He practiced photography for 30 years.
Gone from film, then he developed his own universe in digital.
2 decades of exhibitions in France and abroad.

His technique :

An amalgam of photographs, pasted paper, virtual painting and line drawing.

Media and tools used :

Paper fine Art 380 grams
Canvas HD 400 grams.

One way to proceed quite conventional.


Artistic family

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