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Artist - Homme - 69 ans
Le mans (Pays-de-la-Loire), France
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In his paintings, FAB (the pseudonym of Fabrice Seeleite) is putting a fantastic world into action, following the parentage of abstract expressionist painters like Clifford Still and Olivier Debré. His cosmic vortex landscapes can, at first glance, seem puzzling : timeless, of earth or sky, one cannot say, and not to mention, the multiform beings. Figurative, but of what? Of legendary shapes that one does not know, which are not identifiable neither as animal nor as truly human, but still in movement, victims of from some unknown mutation.
"A kind of musical cosmos, a reflection of a better world, " he says.

The colours? A monochrome trend, but not always, warm tones mingling with cool shades in camaieu : "yellow, orange, ochre, or sometimes red like in Judgement Day of
Peter Halley, " says the artist. The poetic titles, chosen for their strong power of suggestion, are inspired by astronomy or writers like Jorge Luis Borges who emphasizes the fantastical aspect of the poetic text, whose imaginary world, full of elemental forces, joined his.
Let us quote, for example, René Daumal in "Contre-ciel" :
"Et le sol qui vous porte a des lueurs de souffre" (And the soil that takes you to the light of sulfur.)


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