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Artist - Homme - 59 ans
Eze (Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur), France

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Langue : English - French

Presentation of Marc FERRERO

Inventor and creator of the Storytelling Art, I begin drawing influenced by Comics. Passionate about TV series and movies from the 70s, I realize the need to fragment and section stories. Despite the fact that I am a self made man, the path I followed during my training is somewhat classic.After a few years I experimented with large scale and decided to depart from the universe of Comics to move into Contemporary Art with my project titled'Once upon a time the Comitive', a romanesque adventure taking place between New York and Monaco where three principal characters are given life on painting.Lisa L'Aventura and her glamorous world, Duke a British dandy trader fan of Jazz and Cello, professional Polo player and Tango...


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