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7 rue Major Martin
69001 - France, Lyon (Rhône-Alpes)
Tel. 0682558494
Exhibitions list > L'HIVERNAL DE LYON - 57è salon d'hiver

L'HIVERNAL DE LYON - 57è salon d'hiver

Show Municipal Painting - sculpture

Palais Bondy, Palais municipal (+ info)
Lieu de l'exposition
They were there :
TIRADO Damian (?)TIRADO Damian present :
- the 11-01-2013 between 16:00 and 20:00
, CAPPILATI Kathy (?)CAPPILATI Kathy present :
- the 15-01-2013 between 17:00 and 21:00
- the 19-01-2013 between 14:00 and 19:00
Oeuvres d'art exposées > Artwork : Mouvement de vie n°6 - Encres & Pigments or - Encadrée
Mouvement de vie n°6 - Encres & Pigments or - Encadrée
Added the 01-04-2013

Presentation of the artwork

Série "Mouvement de vie"
Encres sur papier et pigments or
Encadrement 1m x 70 cm

Artwork name Mouvement de vie n°6 - Encres & Pigments or - Encadrée
Artist CAPPILATI Kathy
Years of creation2012
Technique Painting Ink
Expression form Signs and imprints
Styles Abstract, Calligraphic
Themes Movement, Symbolic, Color
Couleurs dominantes
Prix 450 euros
Single workYes
Size70x100 cm
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Grand marché d'art contemporain from 01-05-2013 to 05-05-2013
Bastille by Joël Garcia Organisation
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