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Artist - Homme - 61 ans
La chapelle sur dun (Haute-Normandie), France

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Seen by Brigitte Camus
Article du 06-01-2013 lié à ARNOUX Robert
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Robert Arnoux, Traveler "outside of time" By Brigitte Camus

Writer, collection manager at Editions "Le Livre d'Art".

Robert Arnoux believes in a type of universality that transcends borders and universes; this is why that his artistic adventure situate itself in a continuum, taking as well from rock art, egyptian art as well as roman and gothic art, sacred art and contemporary art.

He communes with king Salomon and the queen of Saba, the virgins and child, and the frescoes of Fra Angelico. If his artistic filiation is close to Moore and Brancusi he is also a fervent admirer of great contemporary sculptors, such as Christian Lapie, Denis Monfleur, Jaume Plansa and Florence de Ponthaud-Neyrat.

Robert Arnoux reaches a type of beauty and a kind of purity leaving to the side all epochs and rules to always go higher. Also his statues are like guards or figure head, souls set in the corpus of stones and limestones and to bodies of the passion.... White or black virgins, hieratic totems facing existential storms, they defy time. Some statues exist with scarifications which are even more surprising because they appear on a skin which is falsely smooth as though they were scars; others are beautifully dressed in mica corindon or phosphorescent matter.

So all the forms of love, couple love, motherly love, communion with nature, the relationship to the world and to god are embraced in one surge to better embrace us.

Relentlesly Robert Arnoux pushes back the limits of our way of looking to take us elsewhere. His work which invents a new world for the future is a metaphor for what life could be on earth.

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