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Artist - Homme - 48 ans
Le gosier (DOM), France

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Langue : English - French
  • Presentation of Patrice SOLVAR

I would describe myself as a young guadeloupean painter.

Obviously, it is a synthetic view since I was born in Paris and then,
took off in Trappes, a city well known for its"GARE DE TRIAGE"
( it means a train station where you can assembly wagons in order to settle a train.)
I grew up in Trappes, which was about 30 000 people in the late 90ies.

You could feel, despite of good influence of experienced teachers and courageous social workers,
that there was an explosive cocktail busy shaking, in our happy melting pot.
From the beginning I was good for everything especially french litterature and english.
Despite I had absolutely no idea about a job and it was a gathering momentuum anguish.
I used to draw a lot spite from the day a college teacher criticized a job I did,
I stopped drawing for 12 years. That was the great mistake !

Now that I'm back into plastic arts, I'm planning to sale my pieces of art to every kind of people,
interested into beauty in its largest sense. I don't have a master, everything inspirates me.
I have to admit Mati Klarwein gave me a shock aswell as Yolande Gaspard, who is a painter from Martinique.
As for Mati Klarwein artwork : he is the master !

Closer to me I'm keen on Nicole Gerville- Réache also. Then I have to give some greetings to sir Hilaire from Gourbeyre.

Training and courses

Self-made as a painter, I'm trying hard to paint creating my own style.
Discovering the artwork of Yolande Gaspard has been the main strike.
My inspiration in order to start painting was switched on.

The artworks

I've made about a hundred pictures.
Half is abstract and another half describes natural places in the Carib Islands where I live.

It is obvious according to me to cut mental frontiers between us,
that is why I stand as a fundamental step of my own dynamic, to paint landscapes from Dominica also : Trafalgar Pool and Emerald
Pool for extense.

Our Islands are not so lonely, isolated than in the past and during a forgotten past, due to genocides, ethnocides there has been
several motions of integration of those islands. I'm just compelling you to look for more knowledge about History. Because of several ethnies
of native tribes that use to live here.

I use acrylic on wood or classical shapes.
My aim is to reach the soul of the people watching my work.


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Article créé le 13-06-2012
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