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Cognac (Poitou-Charentes), France

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French visual artist, based between Angoulême and Cognac, influenced by architecture and design, I like geometric arrangements and the world of colors. I mainly do my work on canvas with acrylic paint, I also work with metal and wood. My favorite subjects are the study of squares, transparency and gradients. Geometry and design have been my passions since a young age.

My style is defined somewhat between constructivism, geometric abstraction, minimalism, concrete art. I really like Hard Edge, my geometric interpretation needs clear borders, clean separations. This style also allows me to focus on the essentials of the artistic statement. My creative work is done upstream in the head, on paper, on the computer and then on the canvas. For me, Hard Edge is more of a kind of meditative focus.

I have a strong individualistic bent, that's how I prefer to work, alone with my creation. My work environment is close to home, which allows me to go back and forth. When I embark on a new creation, I constantly think about it and sometimes go back to it in the middle of the night. I always work on one project at a time to fully immerse myself.
IG: @azudge


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