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Artist - Homme - 67 ans
St clair sur epte (Ile-de-France), France
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Oeuvres d'art > Oeuvre d'art : Relationships
Ajouté the 12-02-2014

Alors là, les amis, j'ai beau chercher, c'est intraduisible en français : Relationships, c'est une relation amoureuse, pas forcément. Compagnonnage, boulot, famille, on peut avoir une relationships avec son banquier, son chien, son amant, et je ne peux que m'immerger avec délectation dans ce poème en anglais tout spécialement écrit par l'auteur Jim Tommaney pour mon tableau :

They come in all shapes and sizes. Two are complex, three a muddle, one a solitary problem. They consume us like shooting stars. They burn us like ice. They flare with flame, leaving the taste of ashes. We want them to end, and to go on forever. No two are alike. And, on some days, they are all we have.

Jim Tommaney, 1994

Présentation de l'oeuvre d'art

I started my career as an artist in Miami Beach in the early 90'
For a couple of years, I painted exclusively matches compositions, ( see http://fr.pierremarcel.artisteo.com/oeuv... ) to express something. I not have all of them photographed, at the time I did not foreseen that I would meet success with that type of art.
My first concept : At first It was in a way replacing brush strokes by matches. Each match expresses something too, I developed then a concept on each painting, and I could have spend my whole life just painting that way... !
My first ever painting was a matches one, bought by a German collector in visit in Miami, when I was setting up my studio in Espanola Way. Then I painted Relationship
My neighbor Jim Tommaney, playwright, critic, actor redacted a wonderful poem about that painting. We worked together, each good painting was also a beautiful text. I will build a artisteo page about that superb partner a painter and a writer !

Myself I am keeping in my French personal collection the last available matches paintings : Life as a demonstration piece that install definitively the foundation of my style; L'Homme est la somme de ses actes (André Malraux)
20 years after, I paint this large painting to demonstrate to the French that I am more abstract than what they see first !
Therefor, we are slidding from a simple statement about my figurative skills, to a conclusion statement that suggest that I am doing a body of work abstract, although strongly attached to social realities and solliciting social ties... (to note that is exactly why I moved to France, for the vertues of wedding social ties with a territory where I work)

Nom de l'oeuvre d'art Relationships
Année de création1994
Technique Painting Acrylic
Forme d'expression Group of personages
Style Abstract
Thème Daily life
Couleurs dominantes
Disponible à la location Non
Disponible à la vente Oeuvre d'art vendue
Taille125x180 cm
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