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Artist - Man - 60 years old
Shanghai (Shanghai), China
Artworks > Artwork : L'orchidee 1
L'orchidee 1
Added the 07-28-2012

Presentation of the artwork

L'orchidee orange
support papier

Artwork name L'orchidee 1
Years of creation2012
Technique Photography Colors
Medium (or under technique) Digital
Expression form Dead nature
Style Pure form
Themes Flowers, Continents > Asia
Couleurs dominantes
Available for rental Yes
Available for sale Yes
Limited series25 exemplars
Size40x60 cm
Ils ont eu un coup de coeur pour cette oeuvre d'art (2)
None... +2 aiment

Exhibitions of this artwork

Grand marché d'art contemporain from 01-11-2012 to 05-11-2012
Bastille by Joël Garcia Organisation
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