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Artist - Woman - 71 years old
Paris (Ile-de-France), France
Artworks > Artwork : No future
No future
Added the 06-25-2011

Céramique, cannettes de bière recyclées, métal et plâtre

Presentation of the artwork

Céramique, cannettes de bière recyclées et métal

Artwork name No future
Years of creation2011
Technique Sculpture Assembling
Mediums (or under techniques) Materials and matters > Ceramic, Objects > In metal, Metal > Steel
Expression form Assembling structure
Styles Figurative, Expressionist, Baroque, Critical
Themes Social criticism, Identity
Available for rental Yes
Available for sale Yes
Single workYes
Size3x3x14.2 cm
Ils ont eu un coup de coeur pour cette oeuvre d'art (2)
None... +2 aiment

Exhibitions of this artwork

Ateliers d'artistes de Montreuil from 14-10-2011 to 17-10-2011
Atelier Paul Flury
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